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Here’s what you’ll learn in each level:

Level 1: Character and Basic Story Pattern
We are going to go through all the basics of manga creation in this level, including how to use the professional tools. By the end of this level, you will be able to create your original 4 panels manga in publishable format.

Level 2: Special Effects
You will be learning manual and digital techniques to create the special effects that makes manga illustrations dynamic. By the end of this level, you will be able to apply these effects to your own drawing, create a manga cover page, and write an original story plot.

Level 3: Paneling, Plants and Animals
You will discover how to create manga story board or name, how to draw plants and animals and turning them into characters.

Level 4: Background and Inanimate Objects
You will be learning about perspective and how to apply it in manga background, and draw inanimate objects or props.

Level 5: Original Manga 1
We will guide you through the process of creating an 8 pages original manga manuscript starting from the plot.

Level 6: Mechanical Objects and Textures
You will be exploring advanced techniques in creating texture and drawing complicated mechanical objects.

Level 7: Original Manga 2
We will guide you through the process of creating an original manga manuscript from the plot for the purpose of pitching for professional debut. We will be counselling and coaching you to chose the professional path most suitable for you.


What you need to get started:

  • Good internet connection with recommended download/upload speed of at least 300kbps/300kbps
  • Skype installed on your computer
  • A3 or A4 scanner
  • Audio headset or headphone/microphone
  • Beginner manga tools

Once your payment had been received, we will give confirmation to our partner stationary store to give you a special discount in purchasing beginner manga tool set for Dr.Vee Mangaka Club.

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Online Manga Course with Dr.Vee


Junior: ages 11-14
Adults: ages 15 and above

Every new member is required to start from level 1 regardless of experience. Underage pupil who wish to join adults class will be asked to submit signed parental consent letter and provide copies of the most recent and best works for assessment. Once you have enrolled in our class, you will receive a lifetime of membership in Dr.Vee Mangaka Club.

For adults class, there are 7 levels in total, in which there are total of 10 x 90 minutes sessions in each level, or 15 hours per level.

For junior class, there are 5 levels in total, in which there are total of 10 x 90 minutes sessions in each level, or 15 hours per level.

Regular classes are held once weekly, consisting of 1 x 90 minutes session. In case of intensive class, we will have 2 x 90 minutes sessions per day for 5 consecutive days.

The syllabus is exactly the same for regular and intensive class.

Starting Date and Duration

New classes are started about once every 2 months. Starting date and time will be confirmed shortly after the end of registration period, while we try our best to accommodate every participant's schedule.

There will be no rescheduling if you failed to turn up on time, but we will try to be as flexible as possible if given notification in advance. In some cases, participants can join different batch of the same level to make up for the lost sessions. We want to help you get the best out of our courses.


Our course fee is 300 euros, 410 USD, or Rp 5.000.000,- per level.
*Not inclusive of tools

money back guarantee
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

This product is powerful and we’d like to prove that to you. So, we’ve made it completely risk free with our satisfaction guarantee. Start the product and if you don’t feel it’s working for you, simply tell us within 7 days of receiving the product and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

Please email us regarding payment method with completed registration form with your photo attached to right upper corner.